More Polka Dots!

Wow, I feel I've now become a parody of myself. But I just cannot help it. I love polka dots.
This cropped sweater is a new cut for me. I've never really liked the cropped bolero jacket, but this has a snug waist band, so it's like having a wide belt on -- which is how I often cinch my dresses anyway. Tighten that waist to accentuate the hourglass figure (a nice way of saying busty with big hips. hahaha :) 

Brand new dress and sweater from Modcloth sale. I<3MC.

I look forward to creating some different looks with this soft and warm sweater for fall/winter. Fun fun fun!

Work Wear

I love this comfortable sheath dress (INC from Macy's). And the fitted shape just lends itself to the "office wear" look -- it says "my clothes fit, i'm a serious person, and i mean business." A bright dress with a black jacket and flashy gold jewelry. The obvious thing would be to go for black shoes; but I hate to go for the obvious, so I chose burgundy leather heels and this graffiti bag. Hair pinned over to one-side. A fun outfit like this can make you feel good all day.
(That is what I'm all about! Feeling good about yourself!!! Everyone, get on board the self-confidence train!)

Dragon pin, thrifted gift from Karen



Polka dots and pearls

I think every week I post at least one polka dot outfit! I do love the dots.
Here's my style for the day and some pics that inspire me. Have a great weekend everyone!

Purple Jersey Dress

Coco Chanel first made luxe casual women's dresses with jersey in the 1910's. It drapes so nicely but is very stretchy, and I was leery of working with it. ...BUT... I am so glad I went for it with this pattern. It was a great exercise and I'm pleased with the result. Tea-length and deep eggplant purple -- these details make a "t-shirt" dress seem more elegant. Don't look too closely at my not-always-pretty stitches. But from a distance, it certainly looks "fait par des professionnels".

I styled this basic dress with VanCleef-lookalike necklace, a big rhinestone ring, and vintage sweater pins. Very glamorous for the office. Shoes from Modcloth.

Vintage Modern Shirt with Jeans

My gal-pals ask me, "Do you ever wear jeans?"  The answer: Not much. Maybe once a week (on the weekends) or even every other week. I really like dresses and skirts and have only 1 pair of jeans that fit (and one really old, big pair for yard work.) These Express jeans are dark wash, very comfortable, and flattering. This blouse is very modern and sharp with crisp stripes, a small white collar and french cuffs.

But I needed to make it more "fun" so I appliqued a hand-cut, black-felt treble clef to the front shoulder. Makes me think of The Andrews Sisters (who I LOVE) every time I wear it.

Blouse, thrifted.

Paired here with dark red REMIX wedges. Hair tied up in a messy bun.

Modeling in my kitchen at 7am with a skunk puppet.

Print shift: Made by Me

A simple, stretch-knit, pullover shift. Fun to make and fun to wear!
I fell in love with this fabric as soon as I saw it and immediately envisioned the dress I would make. I had this pattern at home in my "craigslist score," and whipped this dress out over a few hours this past weekend.

It had no shape, and I need a nipped in waist or I feel like a walking potato sack, so I added this wide woven belt.

I love this outfit.

Classic look: Made by Me Skirt

A "classic" look. My favorite! Fitted skirt, fitted collar shirt, simple cardigan, and a big beaded necklace. A timeless look. I will be wearing this kind of outfit till I'm 90. And hopefully I'll still be stylish!

Handmade and designed by me: elastic waist skirt, with front pockets. White blouse from H&M, Guess cardigan, necklace thrifted.

I wore this skirt today and someone in my office said, "You really like polka dots, huh?"
I said, "Yes, I do." As you can see from the outfits posted on this blog, I really DO like polka dots. And I haven't even posted half the "dots" in my closet. More to come!

Bike seat cover

I've had a few people ask me about this seat cover recently. Here's how to do it:

It gave my very old seat a few more years of life. Happy sewing!

Made by Me Silver Sheath Dress

This was a fun dress to make. I've had this silver poly shantung in my stockpile for a decade. I finally used it for this simple dress. I feel very chic in this fitted dress. It's snug but also comfortable.

Paired here with deep purple wedges, a feather hairpin, a jade bracelet, and a mint/yellow/gray bag.

Vintage Modern again

The old look is new again (and again and again and again...). That's what wearing vintage is all about. This look was inspired by the bow tie. It's all the rage these days and I chose a top and skirt around the black silk scarf "bow tie." And decided to ride by road bike today too (LeMond).  It's blue. I love this bike. That's all there is to say about that.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Inspired to wear my vintage glasses (real glasses with my prescription lenses), I put together this modern and fun work outfit around the silver frames. Polka dot polyester blouse, light khakis, silver sequined elastic belt (homemade), and red Remix wedges.
Fashion mash-up!

More flirty "vintage-modern" fun coming tomorrow... I'm on a kick!

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